Two fearless consorts, pushed by an unrestrainable passion, opened on the 1st of January 1990 this small restaurant, "La luna nel pozzo", crowning an old dream.
Their cooking experience is based upon family traditions and has been improved frequenting italian and international great and famous restaurants.
Their duties have been always divided, but a coutinuous sharing of opinions and hints helped to get maximum quality of cuisine and service.
Mrs.Vera (ex biologist and teacher) assumed the guide of the kitchen where express with great naturalness and simplicity her creativity, with delicate and elegant hand, respect of materials and gentle talent in combinations.
Mr.Cesare (ex doctor and manager of a pharmaceutic industry) follows the service, the cellar and the search for materials.
His sentence:"the day I will not call you will be the day I've found a better supplier !" is a real nightmare for  suppliers, but it is a great incentive for them to do better and better.


The warm dining-room and few covers, cast the customer into a homely but professional atmosphere, synonymous of a great love for top quality cuisine.



Neive is a small village located into the Langhe area, not far from Alba, where the production of the Barbaresco wine finds its better quality and characteristics.
The surrounding places are famous for  biological production of fruits and vegetables.
Into the Langhe area It's possible to find  excellent bovine meat, lambs, kids, poultry and rabbits, traditionally breeded by our selected suppliers.
Therefore we have superlative cheeses, made by passionated dairymen, who are finding out again ancient traditions, inciting young people not to leave the territory, but to revalue it.
We make four diffrent kind of bread everyday with stone grinded flours and moreover all kind of hand made pasta, desserts and ice creams are made with biolocical eggs.
How to forget His Majesty The Truffle that makes precious courses like tjarin or fondue ?
We are able to suggest various and creative menus to our customers thanks to the plenty of the territory of excellent local products.